Purpose: To investigate undergraduate student healthcare professional experiences within the United Kingdom, in relation to receiving feedback, including exploring various topics within this process which may influence performance and satisfaction levels. By understanding the student experience of feedback, this will help to plan and guide future practice to enhance student engagement with feedback to then apply in their chosen profession.

Method: A survey-based approach was utilised to gain quantitative and qualitative data via an electronic survey. There was a total of 19 questions within the survey and 17 allowed a free text response. Analysis of the quantitative data was carried out using General Linear Models.

Results: One hundred and sixty-nine students completed the survey from six health related programmes which equated to an 18% response rate. The quantitative data was analysed to identify differences in feedback perception between undergraduate health programmes in a School of Health Sciences. The main themes derived from the qualitative data were grouped into perception of feedback, student engagement and quality of feedback. Our data illustrates that whilst some healthcare disciplines had specific areas to improve their feedback, students were generally satisfied and engaged with the feedback they received. There was a preference towards having annotations within their work and felt feedback was personalised and given in a feed forward manner.

Discussion: This study found that students engaged with feedback and there was a strong desire of wanting to develop and improve future performance. Students preferred written feedback and identified text annotations within submissions as conveying a more personalised message and useful in clearly identifying areas for future improvement. Peer feedback was identified as a type of feedback which students did not prefer due to feeling unprepared to critique another student’s work. This has highlighted a need for peer feedback to be embedded into all programmes, as the experience of giving and receiving feedback from peers is included in all the healthcare roles which these students will be entering once qualified.