Purpose: This study examines the association of readiness for interprofessional education on nursing students' caring behavior and compassion competence.

Method: This study is a cross-sectional descriptive study. The Interprofessional Readiness Scale, Caring Behavior Scale, and Compassion Competence Scale (Arabic version) were used to collect data. Data were analyzed using T-test, F-test, Spearman Rho, and multiple regression analysis. A total of 417 nursing students participated in the study using convenience sampling.

Result: The study found that student nurses have highly perceived interprofessional education, caring behavior, and compassion competence. The study result shows that interprofessional education influences student nurses' caring behavior and compassion competency. The factors that influence interprofessional education are gender and student general percentage average. The respondents' residence influences their caring behavior, while gender influences the compassion competence of student nurses.

Discussion: These results suggest that interprofessional education is a crucial factor in promoting positive characteristics and skills among student nurses, and further research should be conducted to determine the best methods for incorporating interprofessional education into nursing programs.